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Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. And you still lose belly . Be enchanted by the greatness of benefits that exercise provides to health.
There are so many people wondering how it works, that Yahoo is full of questions like this:
-Is it true that skipping rope slims?
-Yes. In the matter of losing weight we really mean an aerobic exercise, which ends up increasing its resistance and can burn for approximately 800Kcal / h. Asking in a quantity of 15 days how many pounds can you end up burning?

-With half an hour of daily training, you lose around 4 pounds ! Want better news? Then there goes:

Therefore, I will reveal the incredible advantages:

Benefits of Jumping Rope:

  • Increases your resistance (cardiovascular);
  • Your motor coordination is improved; –
  • Strengthens the lower muscles;
  • And most importantly, you end up losing weight and consequently abdominal fat

Jump Rope Slim

While you have fun your physical conditioning is improving, lots of calorie is burned and you lose weight. But, it’s no miracle, no. Science explains. What happens is that a great bodily effort is required.

The muscles are contracted intensely forcing the heart to become more active, ie the heart rate is increased. Thus more blood will circulate through your body and all your body functioning will be potentiated.

The result is higher caloric burning. That means breaking down fat molecules, which equals weight loss.

The Right Rope

Proper equipment is super important. For everything to work and the results are positive you need to know that:

– pvc or gel strings are the best. The one of sisal is not recommended because it is too light and ends up hindering the development of its training.

The size of the rope should be perfectly adjusted to your body. Some strings have regulation. To adjust pass the rope behind the bent knees and pull the ends forward if missing or remaining rope, you should regulate.

Another way to know if your size is ideal is to measure it according to your height. To do this, grasp each end and place the middle of the rope under your foot. Stretch it out and see if it hits your shoulder.

Some tips

So that all effort is not in vain it is necessary that his posture is correct at the time of practicing with the rope. So do not forget that you should keep your body always straight by looking forward.

Start with both feet. Jump with your legs straight and land with the front of your feet, flexing your knees.

Before and after workout do not forget to stretch to prevent injuries and pain.

To optimize the exercise, do this by alternating the rhythm. One suggestion is to increase the pace (Slow-speed medium – fast) every 30 seconds. Rest and restart the series until 10 minutes have elapsed. Increase the total time gradually until you reach 30 minutes.

Who can not?

If you are pregnant or have heart problems, jumping rope is not for you. If you have any joint disease or are overweight or obese, you should not adopt the activity.

Like any other physical activity , consult your doctor before starting the practice, as it is not worth your health at risk, without professional follow-up, is not it?