Eggplant Emagrece?

Eggplant Emagrece?

If you are thinking about losing weight, the eggplant should be present in your diet. Rich in fiber and vitamins, it helps in weight loss, in addition to having numerous health benefits. It has intense flavor and low calorie, is perfect for the more restricted diets. Understand much more about this fruit that is mouth watering.

Benefits of Eggplant

– Rich in beta-carotene, it is a source of vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and B3.
– Great for the heart, since it has no cholesterol.
– It is antioxidant and source of phytonutrients, protecting the body against free radicals.
– Because it is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, it helps to restrict type 2 diabetes.
– Its dietary fibers help at the time of digestion.

– Consumption of only one slice is equivalent to 10{b246d8715a49a229bfad551fa6c95ff8dfd676e0f52344f95da00cc3b04a64a4} of daily fiber requirements.

– Helps in the elimination of abdominal fat.

– Every 100 grams have only 20 calories.

Any doubt that eggplant really thin ?

How to use

The eggplant can be presented in the most diverse preparations, from salads to quibes, passed through braised or breaded, it is versatile and simple to use.

If you do not like the taste, but enjoy all its slimming power, it is possible to consume it in the form of flour . Sprinkle a spoon over the food whenever possible. It can be used, in small quantities, in the preparation of breads and pastas.

Juice and water can be consumed every day.

Eggplant water really slims


Eggplant Juice:

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This is recommended to take in the morning while being fasted.


Component Amount
Eggplant cut into cubes ½ un.
Orange juice 2 un.
Water 1 cup 200 ml

Method of preparation:

Place the eggplant in the water overnight. Beat the eggplant along with the water and orange juice. Drink then.

Water of Eggplant with Lemon:

Simple and practical recipe to make, with softer flavor than juice, but as potent as.


Component Amount
Eggplant cut into cubes 1 un.
Lemon juice 1 un.
Water 1 L
Method of preparation:

Leave the eggplant soaked in the water overnight, storing in the refrigerator. Strain only what you will drink, squeeze the lemon and mix. Do not add sugar. Drink one glass before each meal.

During the sauce, the eggplant loosens its nutrients, leaving the water rich in soluble fiber. This recipe is a joker in the diet as it is fast and can be made in large quantity.

Eggplant Soup:

Eggplant Soup Emagrece
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This soup helps in weight loss and should be consumed more than once a week. Can be made in large quantity and stored in the refrigerator. Lasts two days.


Component Amount
Sliced onion 1 un.
Cutted zucchini ½ un.
Potato cut into cubes 3 un.
Clove garlic, minced 2 un.
Small eggplant cut into cubes 1 un.
Water 1 L
salt To taste
Olive oil To taste
Method of preparation:

Spread the onion and garlic with a little olive oil. Add the zucchini, potato and eggplant and let it brown some more. Put the water, salt and cook for half an hour or until everything is to the point. Beat the soup in the blender and serve with a wire of olive oil.

Now that you know that Eggplant as well as being a delicious food, also helps in the process of weight loss and weight loss, start to incorporate it into your diet and your daily life.