Detox Juice Detox Banana with Apple

The Detox Juice  Detox  Banana with Apple  is a good alternative of healthy juice, besides helping to lose weight with health. In addition,  DetoxJuices have been  making the most success as they are healthy, healthy and detonate that hunger out of time. But  Detox Juices  can be even more useful in your day to day life. In addition to food, they can play the role of detoxifying body.  

With that in mind, we have selected this powerful recipe for you to feed by promoting that basic flush of toxins. This will improve the functions of various organs, ridding the heart of  cholesterol  and promoting a healthy weight loss. Mix whisk and drink these delicacies!Detox Powerful:  The  detox diets  were popular among people who want to keep fit and health care, as this type of power helps eliminate toxins that are harmful to the body.

However, there are some foods that you can not miss on the menu: dark green leaves, especially  cabbage , contain vitamins that participate in stages 1 and 2 of liver detoxification, in addition to fruits that have antioxidants. Seeds and whole grains increase fiber intake and improve bowel function.

Do Detox Juices  Work ?:  Starting a cleansing with juice, or drinking nothing but juices extracted from fruits and vegetables for a few days or weeks, has been all the rage in recent years.

They are supported by celebrity and celebrity doctors, so it is no wonder that drinking their diet has gained increasing popularity. But are you following a cleanse with safe juice?

Many of us work hard every day and feel we can barely get over it without needing some kind of energy boost. We tend to turn everything into sugar for a quick snack, but this is actually doing more harm than good.

Many people do not realize that the slow and even bloated body sensation that we perceive during the day can be the result of excess toxins in the body. Detox Drinks help naturally reduce inflammation, boost energy, support digestion, cleanse the liver and provide healthy skin.

Benefits of Juice Detox :  They bring benefits to the body, especially for those who have any nutritional deficiency because the  juice s Detox  can include different types of fruits, vegetables and seeds, add yogurt and so take advantagethe vitamins, minerals, Proteins and the carbohydrates present in these ingredients.

They are still a good option for those who do not have a lot of time, since they are fast to prepare and can be found easily in snack bars, in addition, the drink is a great pre-workout option for being able to combine several energetic ingredients.

Using the bark of fruits and vegetables also promotes a large intake of fiber, which improves bowel functioning. Avoid replacing meals such as lunch and dinner with  Juice s Detox . Prefer to consume them in intermediate snacks. Now check out more of the benefits of  juice s Detox  for Health:

  • Detox  Juices provide rest to the stomach;
  • Detox  Juices help to rest and repair the bowel;
  • Detox  Juices provide rest for the liver;
  • Detox  Juices reduce appetite;
  • Detox  Juices help in making food decisions;
  • Detox  Juices remove harmful substances from the body;
  • Detox  Juices flood our bodies with super nutrition;
  • Detox  Juices are effective for weight loss;
  • Detox  Juices help replenish body energy;
  • Detox  Juices help rehydrate the body;
  • Detox  Juices reduce physical problems;
  • Detox  Juices allow for maximum detoxification.

The ideal amount to enjoy the benefits offered by  juice s Detox  should be individualized, but in general, the recommended is 1 cup (200 ML) a day. The ideal is to consume everything soon after the preparation for a greater absorption of vitamins and minerals. So check out the beneficial properties of the ingredients  of Banana Slimming Juice  Detox with Apple :

Benefits of Apple:  The  apple  helps to control certain diseases such as  diabetes , improves digestion, contributing to a better use of nutrients and is recommended for those who want to lose weight, because it is rich in fiber and has few calories. In addition,  Apple  is rich in antioxidants, water and vitamins, and so  Apple  has the following health benefits:

  • The  apple  helps in reducing the  cholesterol  bad;
  • The  apple  helps in controlling  diabetes because it has low glycemic index;
  • The  apple  helps you lose weight because it has few and has water and  fiber  that decrease appetite;
  • The  apple  improves  constipation , because the  fibers  soluble detoxify the digestive tract;
  • The  apple  relieves gastritis pain   and heals gastric ulcers because the  fibers  form a gel that protects the mucosa of the stomach.

Benefits of Banana:  The  bananas  are exceptionally healthy, they provide numerous health benefits. It is a versatile fruit that contains many nutrients, including  Vitamin A , B,  Vitamin C and  Vitamin E , along with minerals such as  Potassium ,  Zinc ,  Iron  and  Manganese .

  • The  banana  to reduce  heartburn ;
  • The  banana  helps in weight loss;
  • The  banana  helps to combat  anemia ;
  • The  banana  is good for digestive health;
  • The  banana  has anti-aging properties.

So now that we know the beneficial properties of Apple  and Banana , check out the recipe  for Banana and Apple Slimming Detox Juice:


  • 1/2 chopped apple
  • 1/2 chopped banana
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed
  • 1 tablespoon wheat germ


  • Add all ingredients and whisk in the blender.
  • Drink it right away.

Note:  To really achieve good results it is necessary that you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Also, to maximize results, be sure to do some  physical activity . Taking a walk everyday is a good start.